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Free consultation in May 2017

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AutoAccount is a highly automated online bookkeeping service, created by Digibalance’s parent company Digitase. It is very simple and extremely suitable for micro entrepreneurs in France; artisans and independent professionals in sales and different kind of services (IT, media, wellness, construction etc.). Our reporting supports sole traders / self-employed and small companies.

Are you a new entrepreneur in France? Or just starting out your business? We are now offering a free consultation meeting about entrepreneurship. Consultation meetings can be arranged on Skype or in person in the Riviera area. Please leave your contact information in the form and we can arrange the meeting and discuss the details. 

Below, we have listed some pros of the AutoAccount service:


We utilise automation in our bookkeeping. That’s why our service is both cost-effective and ecological.

Bookkeeping from €45/month.

Bookkeeping in France from 45€/month


Your location can literally be anywhere, since you do not need to bring us the physical copies of invoices and other documents. We will get them electronically. You only need an Internet connection and a separate debit card and bank account for your business.

Support Available

Even though our service is highly automated, we do not sell software. Our accountants do the bookkeeping for you. Also, our consultant service will help you with all the questions you have about entrepreneurship and financial management.

Using the AutoAccount service is simple

You only need to:

  • Pay purchase invoices with a business bank account and use a business debit card for smaller purchases
  • Report your monthly sales to the AutoAccount website
  • Archive the invoices to yourself (For example in a cloud service, to your computer or in a paper folder)

We take care of the following:

  • We download bookkeeping transactions directly from the bank (requires XML bank statements)
  • We do the monthly bookkeeping and submit VAT information directly in the Tax Administration (if needed)
  • You will receive the Income statement and possible VAT information by email or mobile application
  • In the end of the fiscal year, we will make the Financial Statement and income tax return for your business

The AutoAccount bookkeeping service is mainly targeted for international entrepreneurs who are running their businesses in a foreign environment. We have a broad experience with migrant entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in our service, please contact us by filling out the form on this page and we will be in touch with you!

Watch the video to learn how the AutoAccount service works